Located in Torrance, CA, Luminit R&D is staffed by some of world's leading optical experts, including scientists, engineers, and production personnel, many of whom hold Ph.D. degrees. With more than 20 years of in-depth expertise, seven recording labs and 20 lasers, our R&D team has developed more than 40 advanced technologies, systems and products for government agencies and manufacturers seeking cutting-edge optical technologies that improve performance and reduce costs.

The R&D staff is organized into two major technology centers:

HOE-based Technologies

Luminit has developed a successful HOE-based technology that enables high brightness virtual image head-up display (HUD) and Head-mounted display (HMD) systems for the US Army and Navy as well as an Integrated Eye tracker and Head Mounted Display for US Air Force. With its advanced holographic capabilities, Luminit provides new HUD and HMD systems designs with higher than current technologies display brightness (10x due to highly efficient holographic optical elements), more compact design, larger virtual image size, reduced weight, more flexibility in packaging design with beams directed as needed and not limited by mirrored reflection, energy and cost savings.

Lasers, Displays,Sensing, Fiber-optics and Photonic Integration, and Nanotechnologies

Luminit’s Research and Development, in collaboration with industries and governmental agencies, has become a nation’s leading electro-optics, fiber-optics and nano-photonics research group. Its researchers and engineers have developed more than 20 cutting-edge and innovative technologies, and systems. Through this interdisciplinary research group, Luminit has achieved systems integration, prototype-development and commercialization activities in military and industrial fields.